5 EssentialTips for moving oversize truck loads in Australia

  • 5 EssentialTips for moving oversize truck loads in Australia

    5 EssentialTips for moving oversize truck loads in Australia

    Not all companies with oversize truck loads engage specialists for the move, sometimes they decide that they can save money and do it all themselves. This is fair enough and with enough knowledge and expertise these companies should be able to handle their own oversize load transport.

    The emphasis is on skills and expertise however, because companies that provide oversize transport services are specialists who do these jobs, day in and day out. They have all the right trucks, equipment, skills and contacts to make the job look pretty easy when in fact, it’s very complicated.

    If you believe that you can organise your own oversize load transport, here are five factors that you need to consider before you hit the road.

    1. Know the weight and size restrictions: You can’t just load any inventory on any truck and hope for the best. Each type of truck will have weight limits, so you need to know whether your load can legally be hauled by your truck.
    2. Is your load really oversized? Oversize truck loads cannot be dismantled any further, so they must be hauled ‘as is’, and their dimensions and weight mean that they are oversized. If you can dismantle your load into smaller components, then you might be able to avoid the complexities of hauling these specialised loads.
    3. Do you need an escort? If you hit the road with oversize truck loads and the regulations state that it needs an escort vehicle, then you will be fined if you don’t have an escort. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t know, the fact is that you should have known.
    4. Obtain all the permits: Companies that specialise in oversize transport services automatically obtain all the right permits for their customer’s loads, which is something you will have to do if you decide to haul your own oversized loads.
    5. Know the road restrictions: Some oversize truck loads can’t be driven at specific times of the day and must avoid certain roads and even city centres. You might also need to liaise with local councils and police, identify hazards along the route (low branches and bridges, road works and tight turns), identify all fuel stops and generally be aware of any issues that could impact your scheduling.

    Trying to haul your own oversize truck loads can be a stressful and complicated job, which is why companies like Mega Heavy Haulage specialise in providing oversize transport services for a range of industries. Why not get a quote online and let us take the load off your shoulders?

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