Mega Heavy Haulage Demob Camp Moves

  • Mega Heavy Haulage Demob Camp Moves

    Mega Heavy Haulage Demob Camp Moves

    August was, in no uncertain terms, a huge month for Mega Heavy Haulage completing two Origin demob camp moves for Downers .

    Advantage Construction recently engaged Mega Heavy Haulage to transport huts from Spring Gully Queensland to Charters to Seventeen Mile, North Queensland. Planning had been in the pipeline for a number of months, locking in our trusted sub-contractors to ensure the transition was smooth & organised. Company Director & Project Manager,  Steve Sandron arrived on site with his planning skills & knowledge ready for implementation. This move of 47 loads took a lengthy ten days and all of the manpower we could possibly muster.

    The second camp demob was completed for Origin and was engaged by Gerrard Building Pty Ltd from Taloona to Grafton NSW.  A smaller camp move but none the less, the logistics are the same.  Travelling directly to Grafton from Taloona and ensuring all safety requirements are adhered to at all times. While coordinating with local and state police, we followed transportation safety guidelines, so all camp moves went with out a hitch. At Mega Heavy Haulage, we employ only the highest quality transportation specialists.

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