Moving Heavy Haulage – Tips for New Drivers on Transporting Heavy Haulage

  • Moving Heavy Haulage – Tips for New Drivers on Transporting Heavy Haulage

    Moving Heavy Haulage – Tips for New Drivers on Transporting Heavy Haulage

    Plan and Prepare for the Job

    Preparation and planning for any large project are essential if you want a job to go well. Before you take your heavy truck out on the road, you need to analyse your heavy haulage requirements to ensure that you can meet the requirements and expectations of the client. A thorough consultation allows you and the client to plan the move from start to finish and reduces your risk of problems along the way.

    Choose the Right Vehicle for the Job

    During the consultation stage, you’ll need to decide on the right vehicle for the job. If you don’t have a fleet of vehicles to choose from, you may need to hire one that is suitable for the cargo you’ll be carrying. For example, if you’re moving something long and heavy, you’ll need a vehicle with an extendable trailer. You also need thorough information about the characteristics of the cargo you’re moving to ensure you load and handle the cargo correctly.

    Ensure Your Cargo Is Properly Secured

    Failing to secure cargo properly is a mistake that can cost you dearly. The financial cost will not compare to the mental cost of something falling off of your truck and causing a serious accident. Make sure your cargo is secured using the correct restraints for the items you’re transporting. You should recheck these restraints whenever you take breaks along the route.

    Comply with All Legal Requirements

    Be sure to check that your transportation journey meets all the legal demands of the areas you’ll be travelling through. You can check the legal requirements with any states or territories via their government departments. If you are carrying vessels containing dangerous chemicals or waste, you will need to ensure that you are allowed to travel through cities and towns. You should know this in advance to enable you to plan your route.

    If the Jobs Too Big, Ask for Help

    If you’ve said yes to a job for a client and have since found out that the job is too big to handle alone, you can avoid turning it down by subcontracting part of the load to a heavy haulage company. It will mean splitting some of the profit, but you will forge links and ties to people in the industry that may well be useful to you in the future. This help may simply be with loading or unloading.


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