Pilot Vehicles

Our Mission Is To Get Your Load There Safely, And On Time.

Mega Heavy Haulage is a family company proudly associated with the Australian Transport Community. We provide short and long distance oversize escort 24 hours a day.

Whether you need one or more for your Over Dimensional Loads, Mega Heavy Haulage will safely escort your over-sized load to its destination. While coordinating with local and state police, we follow transportation safety guidelines for width, length, height and overhang. Some states require police escort for truckloads of certain lengths or heights and these requirements can vary from state to state.

Your Pilot/Escort from Mega Heavy Haulage will confirm time of movement and road conditions, and if needed, they will check holiday and weekend travel. All drivers with Mega Heavy Haulage are certified and equipped with any items needed for an Over Dimensional Loads such as safety equipment, flashing lights, safety wear and cones.

MHH - Pilot Vehicles
MEGA HH Template Olympic Damn

Busy Month February Escorting 1000t Coal Bin Components To The Olympic Dam BHP Site SA

Mega Heavy Haulage was employed by BMS Brisbane to supply pilot escort vehicles, for various load sizes ranging from 7.4mts wide to 3.9mts wide. 

The project was a well organised project by BMS, with route planning provided.

Unsure of your requirements for pilot escort vehicles, please make contact.  Modern fleet, all insurances, level 2 accredited.

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MHH - Brisbane Haulage